The New Technology™

- the secret behind RolliT’s product line is both simple and practical.

FormConsults product line facilitates production and improves the final quality – a flatter, stronger and denser concrete.

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It’s called The New Technology ™ and is both simpler and more efficient than the traditional casting process. The result is better quality and time saving – and no need for late overtime work under poor light conditions.

The technique involves a modern method of treating fresh concrete mass when casting of horizontal surfaces. It makes casting work a better controlled process and eliminates many common production problems. The RolliT Robot machine provides a vertical vibration under a light pressure which the ability to perform an additional compression – late compaction – of horizontal concrete surfaces in the early stage of casting.

The New Technology ™ is a Swedish innovation.

The new technology makes it possible to level, vibrate and revibrate in a modern and a more efficient way.

Using this new method will ensure you an outstanding quality of the surface and the concrete cover over the reinforcement steel. It will guarantee a better result in the production.

Smoothening the surface and at the same time getting a very efficient revibration gives you a stronger and denser upper layer compared with other traditional methods for concrete placing. This is very important for the lifetime i.e. of a bridgedeck, parkingdeck or a sidewalk.

The risk for cracks is greatly reduced in the surface -i.e. plastic shrinkage cracks- when placing concrete in warm or windy conditions. Industrial floors, self compacting concrete, steelfiber concrete, repairwork or placing of thin toppings/layers are other areas where this new technique is succesfully used. Airfields, industrial floors, bridge decks, pattern concrete, steel fiber concrete, roads and parking areas are other areas where this method is suitable. Repairs of all kinds and even thin layer repair and/or other toppings are other applications where thos new technology brings substantial benefits to the contractor and the builder.

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