• RolliT Robot
  • RolliT Robot
  • RolliT Robot
  • RolliT Robot

Machine for smoother and denser concrete surfaces.

Rollit Robot is remote controlled.

- No footstep in frech concrete.

The machine is remote controlled and so light that it can run on fresh concrete mass.

Now you can give concrete a finer, machine-brushed surface. Rollit Robot has a two-meter wide brush. Power compaction reduces the risk of frequent early cracks.

Modern concrete with high cement content and chemical additives are known to shrink and crack. With RolliT Robot the risk is substantially reduced.

Works on full and semi floating concrete mass or even so-called self-compacting just as good!

Since the surface pressure is low, the machine can process the surface long before it can carry a conventional trowel device, skim floater or power trowel. The surface is finished in only 2-3 hours after the concrete has been placed in situ.

A power trowel must wait to run on the surface until the concrete  has started to stiffen. It is no longer malleable, only visable cracks and imperfections can be fixed. Our approach differs from others by making an early re-compaction – when the concrete has only begun to settle.  This is how the RolliT Robot makes the surface smoother, denser and with a stronger finish. The surface will be more resistant to chloride migration – salt water penetration. The surface is often the part of the structure that are the most vulnerable part. It is therefore important to obtain the highest quality there – it makes our approach unique.

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